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Court Gowns (Tudor or Italian Renaissance): Mostly a Special Order Item, however, as Fantasia we do create the Renaissance Court Gown individually as whim would have it and Fantasia plans on having a few available at each Faire, each season. The two that are pictured on the next page were both created with a lined bodice, laced in the back and sides, with detachable "Queen Sleeves", a Underskirt decorated on the front panel, which shows through the opening of the Overskirt. Both Woman are wearing the ensembles over "underpinnings" which consist of a bum roll, hoop skirt, and chemise, (sold separately). The Underskirt, or decorative panel, is usually accented with quilting, appliqué, beading and/or embroidery, with matching accents on the bodice and sleeves. Tons of trim and detailing. Each one of these Court Gown Ensembles took over 30 to 50 hours to create. For other examples that took even longer and feature lots of Celtic Knot Work, please see the Fantasia Appliqué Page

The bodices are fully boned and grommeted for the lacing. I have recently made some Gowns with the decorative skirt panel, attached to the Overskirt, giving a double skirt effect with just one. Saved some time and expense. (A Renaissance Wedding at The Sterling Renaissance Festival was done this way.) In either style, the Overskirt was cartridge pleated by hand to the waist band, very full. My Hems on theses gowns will be at least 160 inches around, many times over 200. I usually make these gowns with the main Overskirt and Bodice fabric as being cotton Velveteen, Rayon Velvet or brocade. The Decorative Skirt panel will have tapestry many times. Very rich and fit for a "Queen"!
Prices start at $500.00 for Bodice, detachable Sleeves and Skirt with decorative Panel. Price increases with Two skirts, types and availability of fabrics, amount of embellishment, etc.

Sleeve styles can vary from photos and Drawings of Sleeves can be accessed to start the creative inspiration for your one of a kind bodice.

For full gowns done now and ready to purchase, please go to From the Attic

Kirtle (late 15th Century):An elegant Princess line style in Panne Velvet, sometimes a brocade and for fun, a fancy knit (yes, I know it is not period, but some people wear these as Mundane clothing or to Conventions). Works best in a fabric with a "bit of stretch" or cut on the bias which causes waste and expense, but looks "marvelous" because it clings to the body. Our Kirtles flatter the extremely sleek to the lusciously curvy hour glass figures. The classic lines of this dress make it appropriate for modern evening wear, classic Noble woman and for a less authentic change, it looks stunning with a Bodice or Corset worn over the dress, accenting the upper body. Worn with our Italian Overdress, changes the styling yet again. Extremely versatile and elegant to wear. Can be made without a train for a more practical "street wear" dress.

Prices start at $150.00

Italian Overdress (Houppelande): The Italian Overdress in this photo is made of Cotton Twill or Gabardine, trimmed with contrasting edging and laced in the front. It is based on the early Renaissance style Houppelande that was so popular in Italy and Germany. Very grand ones were worn in the Zeffirelli movie, "Romeo and Juliet" of the late 1960's. These gowns looks lovely over our Kirtle or any style of long chemise.

Prices start at $225

Fancy Chemise: Our normal Chemise with Lace at neckline and cuffs and/or Embroidery accents. These are usually one of a kind garment. They are done when it strikes my fancy to do one.

The embellishments add 10-30% to price of different chemise styles.

Parlet: Can go over or under a Bodice and is worn by upper class Merchants and Noble Women to cover cleavage or accent it. I have had these listed for some time now and still have not gotten around to making a "Stock" version, so only done as Special Orders upon availability of time. Will get standard version up this year.
Neck Ruff:Stiff fabric edged in lace or completely made of lace, these can be worn by Merchants to Nobles to Royalty

Prices start at $25

Bum Roll: A crescent shaped pillow that helps support the heavier skirts of the upper Middle Class and Nobility Renaissance Gowns. We make these out of heavy cotton, stuffed with polyester foam fill and they tie around the waist. Many people do not "op" to wear these, however, they do help in skirt support, getting the proper silhouette of the Period and makes your waist look smaller, despite what logic tells you.

Prices start at $20

Hoop Skirt:We do not make these, we purchase them from a manufacturer. I made one once for the red Court Gown, it was huge and no one would want to pay for the time it took. Besides, only Antebellum Waltz Queens and Queen Elizabeth I, would have worn something that large, or should I say, "wide in scope!" These hoops are made with a polyester taffeta that is hand washable. The hoops are adjustable, removable for washing the skirt and will collapse to fit in suitcase.

4 Hoop Skirts, still strong enough to hold up our Court Dress Skirt, priced at $36.00

6 Hoop Skirts, stronger and a little bit wider, priced at $45.00

Sorry, but prices are subject to change without notice. We do our best to stay consistent, however, our Price List is always the most up to date.
Please email, or call with any questions. Thanks!

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