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Many of you already know Fantasia from many places in the past. Currently, as Fantasia, we are working out of McGraw, NY, historically known as "Corset City", distributing our high quality Renaissance, Victorian Period and Steampunk Style Clothing, Wearable Art and Lingerie through mail order, the Internet, The Maryland Renaissance Festival and other shows.

Fantasia also was expanded in 2008 to shows featuring our paintings, photography and Art Dolls. Each of us will have a seperate Web address to showcase our individual art styles. These will be up soon! Best of all....we are now concentrating on Steampunk....really love it.......Victorian Styling with airships, gadgets and ray guns. Yum, I have died and gone to heaven!

Allen Phillips' page is: www.designsbyfantasia.com/allen.html. Here, Allen will display examples of his Pet, People and House Portraits, along with other styles of his work.

Lyla's art web page is: Stuff by Lyla and the address for it will be: www.designsbyfantasia.com/stuffbylyla.html. There she will be showcasing her Photography, Fiber Art and Art Dolls when the page gets up and running.

Home * The-Story * Period & Steampunk Clothing * Stuff * Dolls * Art * Gallery * Links  * Shows * New  * Ordering * Contact

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