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Jerkin:A Jerkin is a vest like, sleeveless garment that was worn over a shirt or Doublet. Traditionally, during the Renaissance, a jerkin was made of leather or fabrics like wool and heavy linen, quilted and/or slightly decorated, and worn over an armor breast plate or a highly decorated Doublet, with fancy sleeves showing through. The Fantasia Jerkins are fully lined for strength and durability, with varying embellishments, including things like picadils, different types of shoulder decoration and skirting. Fantasia Jerkins range in fabrics from simple wools, to Cotton Twill/Gabardine, to Tapestries or Velvets.

In this photograph, Dana is wearing one of The Jerkins by Fantasia in quilted, gray velvet upholstery fabric, with faceted black buttons and black edging, over one of the Fantasia Renaissance Shirts.

Prices, depending on fabrics and detailing, start at $175++........#J-1

Doublets: The Fantasia Doublets, which are Jerkins with a stand up collar and detachable sleeves, are very rich and with many embellishments and decorative quilting as standard. These are the chosen garments of the wealthy merchants and the Nobility. Prime choice for that Special Lord of a Renaissance Wedding. Most are "one of a kind" since as Fantasia we use fabric and trims that are on hand, or "found fabric" as we affectionately called what is scored at obscure Fabric, Upholstery and Specialty shops. As with The Fantasia Jerkins, the Doublets are made of mostly wools, Twills, Tapestry and/or Velvets.

The Photograph shows a Special Order that was made of quilted, Upholstery gray Velvet, black edging, and black buttons. Drawings of other possible sleeve styles, even though the model is a woman shape, can be viewed here or accessed in the Noble Ladies Section.

Doublets, complete with detachable sleeves, start at $275..........#J-2

Renaissance Shirt: A favorite of men and woman, these comfortable cotton shirt's design is based on shirt styles from the Renaissance through the mid 18th Century. The collar is pointed, the cuff is buttoned and the long open neck is laced. The fashionable, loose fitting style gives that Romantic swish, whether one is a dashing swordsman or a swashbuckler. Color choices range from white, black, natural. Other colors may be available upon requested.

Renaissance Shirt Price $79.......#S-1

Also pictured is one of our Pocket Pouches.

Kilt Shirt: Artemas is wearing one of the Fantasia Kilt Shirts. These shirts are wonderful whether in light cotton or Cotton Twill. Large and generous for the Lord or Rogue that likes alot of room, and is built to last. Open Neck, no lacing, and they button at the cuff. For women, Fantasia Kilt shirts can be belted or left loose for a comfortable carefree style. Color choices range from white, black, natural. Other colors may be requested.

Kilt Shirt, cottons or blends, $95
$119 out of Cotton Twill when available............#S-2;

Boots, made by those infamous people of Leather Stocking and Catskill Moccasins of Sterling and Maryland Renaissance Festivals fame.

Tunic Shirt: Simple shirt made of cotton or blends in a classic Medieval design. Looks marvelous over pants and just belted. Easy to add embroidery embellishments to.

Tunic Shirt, sized for many, $45.......#S-4
More "Manly" size $65.....#S-5

Britches: Pants which flounce to below the knee and are pleated into a narrow cuff. As Fantasia we make them with multiple elastic waist and side pockets. Made of various fabrics to match any outfit. Whether for a Knight, Merchant or Country fellow, this style is very popular at the Renaissance Festivals.

Priced range $65 - $98+.........#P-1, P-2, P-3

Sorry, but prices are subject to change without notice. Fantasia does it's best to stay consistent, however, the Fantasia Price List is always the most up to date.
Please email, or call with any questions. Thanks!

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