Fantasia's Print Friendly Measurement Form
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Please have friend measure you in your underwear or tight clothing with a "sewing/cloth" measuring tape in inches. Do not do this your self, for it distorts the true measurements. Check drawing below for corresponding numbers to measurements needed. Right now it is a picture of a woman's frame, however, some of the measurements are needed for men's garments too!

#1 Bust
The fullest point of the chest/bust. For women, must be wearing a bra for cups B and higher._______________
#2 Under Bust or Upper Chest
Where the bottom of the bra would lay or just below the pectoral muscle_______________
#3 Side length of Chest
Measuring from armpit, down side to waist, with arm down. This measurement insures that the armhole or top of Corset does not cut into your underarm._______________
#4 Natural Waist
Where the body bends from side to side, not necessarily where garment waists lie. Best thing to do is tie a string or ribbon in smallest part and let that be your guide. _______________
#5 Waist to Under Bust
From waist line to where the bottom of a bra would lay or just under the pectoral muscle. _______________
#6 Waist to top of Corset or Bodice
For Corset, press on breast to simulate support and measure from waist to 1" above nipple: For Bodice or Tudor Corsets, in Bra, measure from waist #4 to nipple or fullest point of bust #1. _______________
#7 Waist to Waist over Shoulder
This is where a should bag would hang. Measure from front side waist, up over the shoulder to same side back waist._______________
#8 Hips down 3"
Measure 3 inches down from natural waist and take hip measurement at that point.
#9 Hips down 5"
Measure 5 inches down from natural, real waist and take hip measurement at that point._______________
#10 Hips
Measure hips at widest point and indicate how many inches down from natural waist._______________
#11 Waist to Corset Bottom
Sit in a chair with no padding, with a straight back and measure from natural waist to where legs angle out or top of legs. This is especially important for Corsets and Bodices since we do not want them to cut into the top of your legs and groin, making it uncomfortable to sit._______________
#12 Shoulder to Shoulder
From bone at top of arm/shoulder, across back to other bone on top of arm/shoulder. Where a T-shirt's sleeve seam is .________
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For other Garments & a better sense of what you look like
#13 Nape of Neck to Waist
Back of neck, bend head and feel bone at neck base, straighten head and measure from there to natural waist.________
#14 Nape of Neck to Bottom of's Garment Hem
From Nape of Neck (see above) to where the finished hem of the garment will hang.________
#15 Waist to Bottom of Garment's Hem
Take from natural waist to where hem of garment will fall.________
#16 Shirt Size
Neck and chest, Dress Shirt Size.________
#17 Inseam
From Groin to Ankle, inside leg.________
#18 Crouch or Seat
Sit down. with tape measure between legs and measure from front center waist around to back center waist._______
#19 Wrist
Right at Wrist bone.________
#20 Upper Arm
Around upper arm, at largest part with arm hanging down.________
#21 Ankle
Around Ankle bone._______
#22 Upper leg
Around Upper leg, widest part._______
#23 Calf
Around Leg, below knee, at widest part._______
#24 Bra & Cup Size
Around by cup size.________
#25 Desired Waist Size
This is for Corsets and Bodices: Tudor Styles waist and bust are 2-3 inches smaller than natural measurements; For Eleanor and Titania Corset, it is recommended decreasing waist 2-3 inches for first time wearers, 4-6 inches for the experienced "trained" tight lacers. Please be careful and reasonable, you can hurt yourself if you are not realistic._______
#26 Amount of Fitted or Squish to Garment
For many Garments, they can squish or cinch you in or be snugger that usual. Please let us know if how much of this desirable for you, i.e. loose, fitted, tight, very tight, etc.________
#27 Bottom of Hoop's Circumference
The circumference of the lowest and widest hoop of your hoop skirt._______
To help get a really good mental picture of you:
  • #28 Height_______
  • #29 Any fitting problems that you may have experience, i.e..., one side shorter than the other, very curved back, large tummy, i.e.... butt, very wide at hips, thighs etc).___________________________________________________________
  • #30 Overall Body Type (muscular, voluptuous, thin, etc.)_________________
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