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titaniadetail.jpg - 57702 Bytes Titania Corset: (Please see Spanish Chemise for other views.) Made of 3 layers, the inner 2 are of drill or canvas and lining added when a color is needed to coordinate with the decorative outer layer. There is a center front closing steel busk, and on average 16 Steel 1/2 inch and 2 quarter inch Bone Stays, pocketed within the inner layers. Twill tape is at the waist for reinforcing against stretching. These Corsets are based on a Victorian design and are made well enough to be used for "waist training" (waist reduction of up to 4 inches or more from the natural waist.) The decorative outer layer is of Tapestry, Damask, Brocade, Velvet, Silk, Velveteen, and or Satins. Closely spaced brass grommets, of gold, silver (nickel plated) or black are in the back for tight lacing, with long shoelaces. A privacy or lacing panel is included in the back. This Corset gives a beautiful hour glass figure and is not as long in the body as our Eleanor Corset.

#Cor-1 Titania Corset, for non Silk and or Brocade choices - $195.00+ Festival Price; 243.75+ Web and Special Order price

#Cor-2 Titania Corset, for all Silk and or Brocade choices - $225.00+ Festival Price; 281.25+ Web and Special Order price

eleanorcorset.jpg - 40141 Bytes Eleanor Corset: Unfortunately, this corset is not available at this time for web or special orders. Please come to our Renaissance Festival appearances to see already made Eleanor Corsets. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
tudorcorsetfrnt.jpg - 37812 Bytes Renaissance Corset:Our Renaissance Corsets are fully reversible with, on average 21, 1/2 inch Steel Bones and brass grommets on the center back for lacing. The inner layers and one outer are sewn while creating the pockets, so that the stitching is seen for an added dimension and texture. Fabrics used for the decorative outer layers are Velveteen, Corduroy, Twill, Brocades, Tapestry, heavy Taffeta, Satin and /or Damask. Our Tudor Corset can be worn under clothing or as street wear. In fancy fabrics, this is prime attire for the "Club".

#Cor-3 Renaissance Corset, prices start at - $125.00+ Festival Price; 156.25+ Web and Special Order Price

Also shown is our Lady Chemise and Tudor Skirt.

ldychemisedetl.jpg - 57215 Bytes Lady Chemise: Made in light cotton/poly Batiste, plain or with detailing of lace and beaded edging, ribbon insertions, Ribbon Embroidery and/or hand sewn pearls. Neck and arm caps have ribbon drawstrings. All French Seams. Pictures shown are the more detailed version of the Lady Chemise Style.

#CH-7 Lady Chemise, prices range $85 - $122++

titaniacorset.jpg - 47835 Bytes Spanish Chemise: Shown is our Spanish Chemise and Fancy Lady Trews. The Chemise is made of light cotton/poly Batiste and detailed with tucks, lace insertion, ribbons, pearls, Ribbon Embroidery and or Beading. All seams are "Frenched", and there is a drawstring at the waist and neckline. This style comes with or without front buttons down the center. These chemises are extremely popular in the hot Faire weather.

#CH-6 Spanish Chemise, prices start at $45

Fancy Lady Trews: Made of cotton in mostly black, cream or white. This is the more ornate style with Lace Insertion cuffs. All styles have an elastic waist and French Seams. The simpler Lady Trews have elastic cuffs with a lace edged ruffle.

#P-8 Lady Trews, starting price - $40

#P-9 Fancy Lady Trews, starting at - $65
Neck Ruff and Titania Corset also shown

Sorry, but prices are subject to change without notice. Our price list will have the most up to date pricing
Please email, or call with any questions.
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