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Currently we are not taking special orders over the web until possibly November of 2005. We are sorry for any inconvenienced this will cause anyone, however, please do see us at the Sterling Renaissance Festival and at the Maryland Renaissance Festival for wonderful items in stock. Thank you!

    To Order
  1. Please print out the Full Measurement Form or the Item Specific Form and the Order Form.
  2. Please fill out both forms clearly and completely.
  3. Mail, FAX: Please call for instructions or email the 2 forms.
  4. Payment must be made in US funds to Fantasia in the form of charge cards, MO, or checks. Please see Payment options below. We also offer payment plans. Call or email us for further information.
  5. Please call us at (607)836-7523 or email at "fantasiainfo@yahoo.com" for any questions. We try our best to answer all queries within 3 business days. However, during Festival Season (please click here to see schedule) it will take longer. We will do our best to stay on top of things, however Festival time for us is really hectic.

Payment and forms may also be mailed to:

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PO Box 611
McGraw, NY 13101

Fantasia's Policiesrapiersword_afact.gif - 4421 Bytes
Shipping is done via US Priority Mail (Overnight is available upon request, but it is pricey for heavier items) and is fully insured. For US customers it will cost about $10 -20.00, for most items, $25 to $45 for the heavier items of Capes, Cloaks, Coats and Court Dresses. Final costs will be sent to you before processing.

International customers will need to pay the costs of shipping, handling and when the package arrives, their own customs. Please Beware: it is extremely high and the customs is paid on your end on top of price and shipping.

--> We accept credit cards over the phone(607)836-7523 (Master Card, Visa and Discover). Please do not send credit card information through email. It is not secure!! You may send the information via FAX or within 2 emails.

Sorry, but no COD's and we do accept Personal Checks through the mail, however, the item will be held until the check has cleared, up to 10 days. Due to Bank costs, we must enforce a return check fee of $25. A Money Order or a Credit Card enables us to ship the completed item within 24 hours after receiving verified payment.
Return Policy
We do encourage Special Orders, since we are always out of stock before or after our Festival season and we only charge extra when an order deviates from our original designs or fabric choices. Otherwise, something made in a color that you want, and your size, is really just a piece "off the rack", found just for you! However, during our hectic Festival Season, it is difficult to get orders out in a timely fashion. Please bear this in mind when ordering. We would rather do an order in payments at an earlier date, then try and get it done and sent while making stock. In our experience, it just does not happen to the satisfaction of our customers or ourselves.
  • Fantasia's Refund Policy: We Guarantee all materials and workmanship. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, then contact us for permission and instructions and immediately return the item, unworn and undamaged. We will give you a credit towards your next purchase or refund your money, "as cheerfully as we can muster".
  • Refunds and credits, however, may be excluded from any Special Orders that deviate from our "normal" clothing designs, colors or fabrics. We do apologize for any inconvenience.
Pricing Policy
Sorry, but Our Prices are subject to change without notice. We will confirm all orders of the price and shipping before processing. We do our best to stay consistent and competitive, and keep our prices updated, but things happen! The following may also cause your order to be higher than listed price.
  • Any changes to the original order must be made in writing prior to construction of garment and may incur additional fees.
  • Please NOTE: There is at least a 10 - 50% surcharge for Special Orders that deviate from our normal clothing designs and fabrics. These items may not be refundable.
  • There may be an extra charge for Rush Orders. We usually can get things out to you in 6 to 10 weeks. However, please, do let us know of an event or special deadline. When in doubt, call or email, for we get seasonally very busy twice a year! (Holiday and Faire Season) This can significantly delay delivery date.
  • Shipping and insurance are in addition to list price.
  • Sorry but all International Sales are Final. The customs for going to you and then coming back is just too horrendous and difficult to deal with!
  • A 50% non refundable Deposit is due to start work. Final payment due before shipping.

In Addition:
  • Fantasia will not be responsible for incorrect sizing due to measurements supplied by the customer or if customer changes weight/size after order is placed. We do our best to catch measurement discrepancies, however, some do slip by, so please take your measurements very carefully and have patience with us when we do not believe the numbers.
  • All order and customer information is kept completely confidential. We do not do spam or sell it and destroy all credit card information unless customer requests us to keep it "on file"
By placing an order with us, we assume that the customer agrees to these terms and conditions of sale and by us accepting the sale, we guarantee that the item is as described or better. Thank you for your interest in our products! We hope to do business with you for many years to come!
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Full Measurement Form
The Full Form is below but it is best to go to the print friendly Measurement Form.

For list of specific item forms, i.e. for Bodices, CorsetsMen'sns, etc, please go to Item Specific Forms. These each have only the numbers needed for ordering that specific item.

Please send or email the copy needed to us along with your order form. Faxes can be done, however, you need to email or call us for instructions. Thanks








DUE DATE: when you need the garment_________________________________

Please have friend measure you in your underwear or tight clothing with a "sewing/cloth" measuring tape. Do not do this your self, for it distorts the true measurements. We can only make the size right if the measurements are true. Check drawing below for corresponding numbers to measurements needed. Right now it is a picture of a woman's frame, however, some of the measurements are needed for men's garments too!

#1 Bust
The fullest point of the chest/bust. For women, must be wearing a bra for cups B and higher._______________
#2 Under Bust or Upper Chest
Where the bottom of the bra would lay or just below the pectoral muscle_______________
#3 Side length of Chest
Measuring from armpit, down side to waist, with arm down. This measurement insures that the armhole or top of Corset does not cut into your underarm._______________
#4 Natural Waist
Where the body bends from side to side, not necessarily where garment waists lie. Best thing to do is tie a string or ribbon in smallest part and let that be your guide. _______________
#5 Waist to Under Bust
From waist line to where the bottom of a bra would lay or just under the pectoral muscle. _______________
#6 Waist to top of Corset or Bodice
For Corset, press on breast to simulate support and measure from waist to 1" above nipple: For Bodice or Tudor Corsets, in Bra, measure from waist #4 to nipple or fullest point of bust #1. _______________
#7 Waist to Waist over Shoulder
This is where a should bag would hang. Measure from front side waist, up over the shoulder to same side back waist._______________
#8 Hips down 3"
Measure 3 inches down from natural waist and take hip measurement at that point.
#9 Hips down 5"
Measure 5 inches down from natural, real waist and take hip measurement at that point._______________
#10 Hips
Measure hips at widest point and indicate how many inches down from natural waist._______________
#11 Waist to Corset Bottom
Sit in a chair with no padding, with a straight back and measure from natural waist to where legs angle out or top of legs. This is especially important for Corsets and Bodices since we do not want them to cut into the top of your legs and groin, making it uncomfortable to sit._______________
#12 Shoulder to Shoulder
From bone at top of arm/shoulder, across back to other bone on top of arm/shoulder. Where a T-shirt's sleeve seam is .________

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For other Garments & a better sense of what you look like
#13 Nape of Neck to Waist
Back of neck, bend head and feel bone at neck base, straighten head and measure from there to natural waist.________
#14 Nape of Neck to Bottom of's Garment Hem
From Nape of Neck (see above) to where the finished hem of the garment will hang.________
#15 Waist to Bottom of Garment's Hem
Take from natural waist to where hem of garment will fall.________
#16 Shirt Size
Neck and chest, Dress Shirt Size.________
#17 Inseam
From Groin to Ankle, inside leg.________
#18 Crouch or Seat
Sit down. with tape measure between legs and measure from front center waist around to back center waist._______
#19 Wrist
Right at Wrist bone.________
#20 Upper Arm
Around upper arm, at largest part with arm hanging down.________
#21 Ankle
Around Ankle bone._______
#22 Upper leg
Around Upper leg, widest part._______
#23 Calf
Around Leg, below knee, at widest part._______
#24 Bra & Cup Size
Around the chest where a bra would sit and cup size.________
#25 Desired Waist Size
This is for Corsets and Bodices: Tudor Styles waist and bust are 2-3 inches smaller than natural measurements; For Eleanor and Titania Corset, it is recommended decreasing waist 2-3 inches for first time wearers, 4-6 inches for the experienced "trained" tight lacers. Please be careful and reasonable, you can hurt yourself if you are not realistic._______
#26 Amount of Fitted or Squish to Garment
For many Garments, they can squish or cinch you in or be snugger that usual. Please let us know if how much of this desirable for you, Men's loose, fitted, tight, very tight, etc.________
#27 Bottom of Hoop's Circumference
The circumference of the lowest and widest hoop of your hoop skirt._______
To help get a really good mental picture of you:
  • #28 Height_______
  • #29 Any fitting problems that you may have experience, Men's, one side shorter than the other, very curved back, large tummy, large butt, very wide at hips, thighs etc).___________________________________________________________
  • #30 Overall Body Type (muscular, voluptuous, thin, etc.)_________________
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Item Specific Forms

So that you need not endure the entire "Full Measurement Form", here are some to access just for a specific item that you wish to order. Print these out and send them. Please do follow all instructions and the diagram for tape measure placement. Thanks!

Order Form

Copy and print out form below or go to the print friendly version Order Form. Please send or email the copy to us along with your Measurement Form. Faxes can be done, however, you need to email or call us for instructions. Thanks





PHONE (optional)___________________________________________________


(if different than above)_______________________________________________




Due Date needed by_________________________________________________

Fabric or Color Choices______________________________________________

Edging Color_______________________________________________________

Trims (optional)_____________________________________________________

Grommet/Clasp Color________________________________________________

Price (please call or email for final quote
including options)____________________________Final Price_____________

Shipping (please call or email for price)_________Shipping______________

Total Cost_________________________________Total_________________


By Credit Card
Credit Card #_____________________________________________________
expiration date___/___/___


Name on Card____________________________________________________

Card Member agrees to pay total in accordance with agreement governing use of such card.

By Money Order or Check Included (please call to verify being on record)
Check Number______ Amount_____

Mail to:

PO Box 611
McGraw, NY 13101

FAX: Please call for instructions.

Or Call: (607)836-7523

Even copy and email to: fantasiainfo@yahoo.com and please put in the subject - "Web Order"

Thank you for your order! We are looking forward to doing business with you.

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