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Custom Corset Fabrics
and Embellishments

Presently we go through the fabrics on hand faster then I can get them loaded, however, below I do have some of the Brocades we have available for our corsets. We do not use these fabrics for any of our bodice styles. I apologize for the inconvenience, however, do not hesitate to email me at and I will see if we can find your special fabric request or we may even have it on hand.

Solid Polyester Crepe Backed Satin, available for all Fantasia corsets, is in most jewel colors, some pastels and black, white, cream and gold. This is a very strong and luxurious satin that is washable. Makes gorgeous corsets. Email me for your color request or questions, at

Please click on each Chineses brocade below to see a larger image. All of them are 100% washable.


To view all Fantasia Fabric swatches or Embellishments within a category, please click on the Picture or Title to go to another page.

Applique Samples
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Grommets & Bodice Edging
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Embroidery Options

Please Note: When fabrics are shown they are used ONLY for constructing our Special Orders and stock. We do not sell our fabrics, trims or patterns to the public and our suppliers are generally where we find a "good deal", which means many times that the fabrics are discontinued end bolts. Please email with any questions. Thank you.

Please do not feel limited by what you see! We are constantly finding new fabrics for our stash, so tell us what colors and type of fabric you are looking for and we will scan some others on hand, just for you.

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