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Porcelain doll head Redressed Porcelain dolls in period clothing. Clothing and hair will be completely redone and sometimes the bodies re shaped and stuffed by Lyla. These ladies will be one of a kind. Watch for pictures featuring Women of Science throughout History. Fantasia will bring them with us to our conventions and even possibly to the Maryland Renaissance Festival.
Kitten and Tux on Chaise Lounge Ball Jointed Dolls are a great passion of Lyla's and Fantasia will be featuring fantastic clothing and Steampunk fashion for your dearest.
Stars in my Eyes Crunch This soft sculpture doll has been in progress for awhile and it is about time that she is finished. The doll is working on a miniature quilt of the starry night pattern, so it is a race to see if Lyla finishes her before she finishes the quilt. More pictures will come as she progresses
Sophia's Doll face And who can resist a sweet rag or primitive doll. This one was made for Lyla's niece and she plans on more to be seen at conventions featuring other items of Fantasia

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