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The Best Bodices, Skirts & Chemises by Fantasia

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artimisiaback.jpg - 53428 Bytes Artemisia Bodice: This Bodice gives the wearer a longer line, like our Titania Corset, with a Tudor/Medieval ambiance. It is constructed of 2 sturdy inner drill or canvas layers, holding the 16 Spring Steel Bones. The Artemisia is fully reversible and the outer layers of fabric may consist of Cotton Twill, Cotton Velveteen, Corduroy, Tapestry, Damask and/or Brocades. It is closely grommeted at the front and back with lacing at the sides, shoulder. This Bodice is extremely adjustable for warmer days and the ever changing figure.

Prices start at $175........#B-8, B-9
bodicesep.jpg - 50832 Bytes Tudor Bodice: This is our standard, tried and true Bodice, the Tudor. These Bodices are built to last and are fully reversible, yet comfortable, practical and stylish. The Tudor gives you a waist and bust line that are tasteful, not tacky. They are constructed with four layers of fabric; 2 of heavy cotton drill or canvas into which the half inch steel boning is inserted, then 2 outer layers of decorative fabric such as Brocade, Tapestry, Corduroy, Velveteen, Screened Printed Cottons or Cotton Twill. All fabrics are of the highest quality, using Natural fibers whenever possible for breath-ability. The grommets are brass, nickel plated or black and all laced areas are reinforced with the wide boning. The Tudor laces up in the front, across the shoulders at the back and up the sides, enabling it to be extremely adjustable. This has the added advantage of providing extra breathing vents on the sides, a very nice feature on those hot Faire days. We also make a more Courtly Bodice that has a matching shirt, and laces up the sides and either the front or back.

Prices range $99 - $119 for most fabric choices..........#B-2, B-3

milkmaidbod.jpg - 64087 Bytes Milkmaid Bodice: A Storybook style that is cut under the bust line with a normal straight waist, giving more of a "Wench, woman about town." This Bodice looks fabulous with our skirts and chemises (Circle Skirt and English Chemise shown to the left), over our Kirtles and when cut higher on the torso it is extremely popular with Belly Dancers and Gypsies. Fully reversible and laced on the sides, front and shoulders, with reinforcing 1/2 inch Spring Steel Bones and inner layers of strong coutil or canvas. The Milkmaid Bodice is great for modern wear with jeans or a skirt, as well as part of your attire at a Renaissance Faire.

Prices range from $85 to $115.......#B-5, B-6, B-7
chemise.jpg - 36483 Bytes English Chemise: Combination nightie and underwear, our short version is made with 4.5 yards of fabric and the longer, full length has about 6. With most styles, the wide sleeves are gathered at the wrist with elastics so they may be pushed up or worn at the wrist. Pictured here, are the sleeves cut at 3/4 length and left open. The neckline is totally adjustable with a drawstring. It can be drawn up closer to the neck for a demure Lady look or worn down about the shoulders, for the barmaid/wench. Available in black, cream and white in light cotton, as well as speciality colors and other fabrics upon request and availability.

Prices generally range from $45 short.......#CH-2
$65 for the long.......#CH-3
italianchemise.jpg - 33722 Bytes Italian Chemise: This style is modeled after a French film about the Italian Renaissance painter, Artemisia. This Chemise still has the draw string neck with small ruffle, however the sleeve is open at the bottom and has a drawstring along its length, enabling the wearer to gather it high or leave down around the wrist. Nice and full. Made of 100% Cotton these chemises are extremely popular in the hot Faire weather. Available in black, cream and white, as well as speciality colors and other fabrics upon request and availability.

Prices generally range from $59 for the short......#CH-4;
$79 for a long........#CH-5
spanchemisetrews.jpg - 33654 Bytes Spanish Chemise: Shown is our Spanish Chemise and Fancy Lady Trews. The Chemise is made of light cotton with tucks, and then can be detailed with lace insertion, ribbons, pearls, Ribbon Embroidery and/or Lace Beading. All seams are "Frenched", and there is a drawstring at the waist and neckline. This style comes with or without front buttons down the center. The Spanish Chemise is extremely popular in the hot Festival weather. It is available in black, white, and cream, or other fabrics and colors upon request and availability

Prices generally range from $45 - $65, depending on the detailing and fabric......#CH-6
ldychemise.jpg - 57466 Bytes Lady Chemise: Made in light cotton the detailing can include lace and bead edging, ribbon insertions, Ribbon embroidery and/or hand sewn pearls. Neck and arm has ribbon drawstrings. French Seams.

Prices generally range from $85 - 115 depending on fabric and detailing.......#CH-7
tudorskirt.jpg - 12936 Bytes Tudor Skirt: Made of Cottons, Twill (Gaberdine), Rayon Blends, Damasks, light Brocades or even Velvets, it has a wide waist band that will stay put under a bodice. Widths of hem will vary with number of panels used.

Prices start at $65 for Cottons & or Rayon Blends.........#SK-1
Breezy Tudor Skirt: Made of light Cotton or Cotton Blends, it has a wide, multiple elastic waist band that will stay put under a bodice. Hem width is about 129 inches.

Priced at $55........#SK-5
bluetudorbod.jpg - 64511 Bytes Gored Skirt: Wonderful skirt that "walks" beautifully. This skirt is extremely flattering, but does take a while to construct and a ton of fabric. We make it from triangular panels which gives a gorgeous full hem to the skirt, that swishes yet reduces the bulk at the waist. We make these from various fabrics such as Rayon Blends, Cotton Twill, light Brocade, very light wool, taffeta, etc. and they come in 5 to 7 yard, designs. A matching bodice can be made for you to give a "higher status" look to your outfit.

Priced at $150 for most fabrics for 5 yard style.........#SK-2
$175 for the 7 yard style.........#SK-3
milkmaidbod.jpg - 64087 Bytes Circle Skirts: We make these skirts with elastic waists and about 42 inches in length, sometimes a bit shorter. Because of the bias drape and large hem, these skirts move almost as nicely as our Gored Skirts. A really nice Swish to them. They are made of Cotton or Rayon Blends and are only available upon availability of 60 wide light fabrics Do call to see if we are able to find what color you are looking for before ordering. Thanks.

Priced at $75 for most fabrics.........#SK-4

Sorry, but prices are subject to change without notice. We do our best to stay consistent, however, our Price List is always the most up to date.
Please email, or call (607)836-7523, with any questions. Thanks!
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